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Sam the Sexist. Pfft

May 1st 2008 02:55
No! He's just an idot!

Don't get me wrong, Sam does some stupid stupid things. Thats why he gets paid a million bucks a year. That's why the footy show topped 600,000 viewers last week, and that's why tonight, I have no doubt he will push the envelope even further and the majority of the public will laugh myself included.

Caroline Wilson was upset over the stunt pulled by Newman a few weeks back dressing a plastic woman in clothing and putting Wilson's head on it. But was it really sexist? She never mentioned it was discrimination to woman, it was just the fact it was aimed at her she didn't like. A number of key women involved in the AFL administration and that of other clubs have voiced out asking for the panel on the footy show to be councelled on how to treat women.

What a load of crap.

1. Caroline Wilson is one of the toughest critics in football, she dishes out much more on a daily basis. In fact the week after this happened she made the claim that Ben Holland (the Demons player that tried to sue ex-club RIchmond) was a dud and a useless footballer. Now hang on, that is much more insulting and I would be quite upset (pissed off is a better term) if I was Ben. Of course she apoligized and the matter was put to rest. What is so different now? Other than Wilson can spit it out but can't take a little back spray?

2. It wasn't sexest, Sam never even said the word woman. It was a skit directly in reference to a conversion Wilson and he shared on the weekend. How all women were outraged is a joke.

3. If Caroline Wilson is over it, why isn't everyone else? I know I've had a fair crack at Caroline Wilson here but really it isn't her that is pushing this. I'm sure she hasn't signed the letter which was sent ot the head of channel nine anf the top of the AFL. She was upset, they apoligized, life moves on. If it was that simple for her how come it is still going?

4. This is giving the majority of women in football a bad wrap, I have spoken to numerous football fans who happen to be of the female persuasion. They LOVE Sam and his antics, and were in no way offended. The fact that a small group of women are pushing this degrade the status of all women in football. They are making the majority seem mentally weak and pompus. Surely we live in a day and age now where the boundaries aren't 10 metre high walls and context is recognized as a important part of a skit / conversion / saying anything!

5. If you take Sam Newman seriously, you have way more to worry about than some silly skit. I am sick to death of talking and hearing about this. Put the matter to rest and let's talk about real issues. I doubt you'll hear Sam Mitchell & Luke Hodge get all ruffled around the edges after they have been 'alleged' to be operating under misconduct purposely and frequently by Mike Sheehan with no evidence, reports or even any names. No, because they are there to play football, which is what we should write about none of this non-sense.

When Friday night comes and the siren rings, I doubt the commentators will mention it, and I hope we can all forget it.


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Comment by Anonymous

May 1st 2008 04:35
No one takes Sam Newman seriously, but should we have to take him at all?

Get rid of him, lets all move on in life. I'm all for low-brow humour, but he's about as funny as a tax-hike.

Comment by Harry

May 2nd 2008 00:14
I think there is a place for Sam Newman -- he's certainly given me a few laughs..

Comment by thinkingfooty

May 2nd 2008 01:57
The game is better for having him, he just wants to talk about footy. His message last night was spot on.


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