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Sam the Sexist. Pfft

May 1st 2008 02:55
No! He's just an idot!

Don't get me wrong, Sam does some stupid stupid things. Thats why he gets paid a million bucks a year. That's why the footy show topped 600,000 viewers last week, and that's why tonight, I have no doubt he will push the envelope even further and the majority of the public will laugh myself included.

Caroline Wilson was upset over the stunt pulled by Newman a few weeks back dressing a plastic woman in clothing and putting Wilson's head on it. But was it really sexist? She never mentioned it was discrimination to woman, it was just the fact it was aimed at her she didn't like. A number of key women involved in the AFL administration and that of other clubs have voiced out asking for the panel on the footy show to be councelled on how to treat women.

What a load of crap.

1. Caroline Wilson is one of the toughest critics in football, she dishes out much more on a daily basis. In fact the week after this happened she made the claim that Ben Holland (the Demons player that tried to sue ex-club RIchmond) was a dud and a useless footballer. Now hang on, that is much more insulting and I would be quite upset (pissed off is a better term) if I was Ben. Of course she apoligized and the matter was put to rest. What is so different now? Other than Wilson can spit it out but can't take a little back spray?

2. It wasn't sexest, Sam never even said the word woman. It was a skit directly in reference to a conversion Wilson and he shared on the weekend. How all women were outraged is a joke.

3. If Caroline Wilson is over it, why isn't everyone else? I know I've had a fair crack at Caroline Wilson here but really it isn't her that is pushing this. I'm sure she hasn't signed the letter which was sent ot the head of channel nine anf the top of the AFL. She was upset, they apoligized, life moves on. If it was that simple for her how come it is still going?

4. This is giving the majority of women in football a bad wrap, I have spoken to numerous football fans who happen to be of the female persuasion. They LOVE Sam and his antics, and were in no way offended. The fact that a small group of women are pushing this degrade the status of all women in football. They are making the majority seem mentally weak and pompus. Surely we live in a day and age now where the boundaries aren't 10 metre high walls and context is recognized as a important part of a skit / conversion / saying anything!

5. If you take Sam Newman seriously, you have way more to worry about than some silly skit. I am sick to death of talking and hearing about this. Put the matter to rest and let's talk about real issues. I doubt you'll hear Sam Mitchell & Luke Hodge get all ruffled around the edges after they have been 'alleged' to be operating under misconduct purposely and frequently by Mike Sheehan with no evidence, reports or even any names. No, because they are there to play football, which is what we should write about none of this non-sense.

When Friday night comes and the siren rings, I doubt the commentators will mention it, and I hope we can all forget it.


Around the Grounds

April 29th 2008 01:03
Whats the Score?
Hard to believe two draws in a row at the same ground on the same day. What are odds of getting another one this week? Again we saw players celebrate after the siren and the realise they look like bafoons!

I'm drawn on the issue, obviously they are putting everything into the game and if there focus is purely on what they are doing then we get to see the best football. But if they don't have the piece of mind to look up at the scoreboard at the right time then they coudl have lost the game had the ball gone to them.

Imagine one of those guys got the ball and went to hold up play to run out the clock thinking they had the win! But like I said I'm drawn so let me know what you think.

Kerr & Carr
Daniel Kerr will not be enjoying this year at all. Granted it wasn't him who was sook that he was being tagged, which he has been comprehensively over the start of the season. I would understand he would get frustrated from that. But you would have to expect being such a quality player in a side lacking of just that, your going to get tagged!

So what has happened? He got pissed off and headbutted a bloke. He's done it before, he'll do it again. For him to only get 3 weeks is a disgrace (if he pleads guily that is, he'd be stupid not too). He had a 10 metre run up to West, he knew what he was doing. I'd say it was as ugly (if not uglier) than Barry Hall's 'mind explosion' two weeks ago.

I hope he can come back and play some god footy, but you would think this shocker year on top of the off field year he had last season would result in a very confused and messed up footballer.

Carr has also received 3 for kneeing Gary Ablett, very very silly action but agin he has done it before and will do it again. Should have gotten more than 3, the AFL needs to be more strict on these blatent attempts to injure other players if they want to weed it out.

Swans Extra Man
I can't believe how much ruckus has come from this tiny incident, there really must not be that much happening around the grounds for this to come up. Fact is, if it wasn't such a close game (A draw infact) between the Roos and the Swans I doubt this would be on the radar. Some people on SEN this morning were calling for the premeirship points to be recaled from Sydney. Are you serious? The bloke that ran out too early (first gamer White from Sydney) made an error, and didn't touch the ball. Everyone is saying "Jolly played a massive part!" but he had no idea White ran on, so why would it matter what he has done. Surely the error lies with White.

The ruling for the game is that the opposing captain must call for a count, come on fair crack. That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. There is an umpire (or interchange warden) watching the interchanges (in fact it was him who made the initial report), give him a fucking whistle and award a free kick! No fines, no points, no problem.

Goal Post Cameras
If it shuts people up, put the damn things everywhere! I for one would much rather talk about the games all week rather than the controversy. I would like to say "Gee he played a great game..." and talk about the actual football instead of "Was it in? Was it out?". This week the AFL gave the OK for Channel 10 to trial a mini hi-def camera on one goal post for the Hall of Fame mtach on May 10. I hope it goes well so I don't have to put up with the arguements anymore. The small added cost of an extra camera is surely a small price to pay when we can then say the decision was right or wrong. Get rid of the grey area!

Rioli Nominated
It is about time Rioli is nominated, I dare say he could have been nominated every week so far, and I think he will get more than one if thats possible. He has had a stellar start to his season and career at the same time and I hope he can continue with his success at Hawthorn. I know his goal won't win goal of the year (anyone who saw McPhee in round 5 will know why) but my god it was good, and don't you dare say he wasn't thinking it!


Round 6 Wrap

April 28th 2008 01:56
This Rounds Results:

COL 154v ESS 81
Collingwood had the ball all day, Essendon never had a chance.

FRE 88v GEE 89
Who wouldn't have loved to see Fremantle get up? The time keepers made sure Freo didn't win by wasting 8 to 15 seconds before the siren. I can't believe it isn't done by computers! Never the less they were 6 goals up but tried to play tempo football, which is impossible against Geelong no matter how well you tag out Gary Ablett. Everyone seems to be out raged that he is getting so much attention., when realy you'd be stupid not to tag him out of the game. Joel Selwood stepped up as Fremantles obvious goal was to stop Ablett, Bartel & Corey.

The Fremantle crowd cheered off Fremantle, which proves they are still (after many many years) accepting mediocrity, and nothing will change unless thier supporters get angry over the fact that they lost a game they should have won. Yes it was Geelong, but 6 goals is 6 goals! Just as Tigers fans should be pissed over the draw last round.

CAR 81v ADE 111
Carlton didn't look to shabby, but were mising Thornton in the back line after he suffered a leg injury, he'll miss 4 to 6 weeks. Big bad Fev only had the one goal and Judd wasn't the most influential player ever. Adelaide simply ran over the top of them and were clearly the better side. I still think Carlton are further ahead than anyone can give them credit for and I see them making the 8 this year or at least coming damn close, they will beat West Coast next week.

WB 134v WCE 74
Again with tagging on everyone's mind, I'm sick of it. Daniel Kerr is a champion and of course he is going to be taged. It happens to all the good midfielder, the only hard thing for Daniel is he was used to getting the 3rd best tagger (obviously the first two went to Judd & Cousins). Danielle Kerr (as I like to call him) will need to toughen up, the only thing you can do if your being tagged is try to win your own foty, and run run run. He also headbutted an Bulldog so he'll probably miss next week at least given his record, should make it easy for the Blues to notch up thier 3rd win.

Western Bulldogs were much too good for the Eagles, and just annhilated them. Brad Johnson had little to do with the win and I can't believe he wasn't rested. Scotty West was pretty poor in his return game and Cooney was a star from what I could see through the bottom of my empty pint!

POR 82v STK 61
Didn't get to see any of this game but was suprised (I don't know why) at the result. St. Kilda are in real trouble and I think they will not play finals this year even though they are classed comehow as a top 4 team. Thier suppporters aren't really passionate and why would they be. Gehrig played in the VFL this week and I am sure the Saints will bring him back, which would be a terrible decision. Port are starting to climb back now after a shocker of a start to the season, I think they are on track to play finals football. Cornes played a great game even after suffering a broken & dislocated (at the same time!) finger.

BL 137v MEL 85
Brisbane should have won by way more than they did, but Melbourne to thier credit did start to show something towards the end. Alot of people would applaud the effort of Melbourne. Even though they were smashed for most of the game, they still fought back and ran out the whole game at a very hot & hard Gabba.

Melbourne will win at least one game this season, not sure who but if Fremantle don't bring thier very best this weekend they will struggle.

ROO 64v SYD 64
A second draw in just as many weeks, the Kangaroos were incredibly lucky to get 2 points out of this, with what was a certain goal being called touched on the line in the dying seconds. Brent Harvey and Rawlings celebrated before actually seeing the scoreboard. No doubt they will cop it for a while. If the game had gone on another 5 minutes, the Swans might have won by 5 goals. Although they missed about 4 goals in the last 5 minutes which would have easily had them home. Not suprising to see Sydney involved in another low scoring game, I can't stand watching them play at all and I feel sorry for the people that did and still didin't get a result. Keeps the arguement about what to do with draws alive. I for one fully support an extra 2 quaters (3 or 4 minutes each). At least then the bored fans could have had 8 minutes of excitement. Or maybe even just don't blow the siren until there is a winner.

HAW 106v RIC 94
One of the ugliest games I have seen, and definately Hawthorn's ugliest this season. I was at the game on a very cold Sunday evening. The Hawks started well getting the first major, but when Roughhead missed one dead in front something seemed off. Hawthorn in fact had every player wearing big clown shoes covered in grease. No of course this wasn't the case but it seemed as if it was, Hawthorn need some sort of excuse for kicking twice as many behinds as goals. The score was not a fair re-interpretation of the game itself. Hawhtorn was in control, and the Tigers fired off the 4th most handballs of any team - EVER. Hawthorn's constant pressure meant the Tigers had no choice.

Richmond had a spare player aroud Franklin almost 80% of the game, this meant the Hawks never really had to much trouble stopping the Tigers going forward. If the Hawks had kicked accurately the margin would have been 3 digits. But due to both teams having poor hand disposal the implied pressure got to both teams. Throughout the ground you heard whispers turn to shouts of "****ING KICK IT!"

Hawthorn are happy to take 4 points, but if they bring the same game against Collingwood next week, it may see an end to thier undefeated season. Richmond on the other hand ran out the game fairly well, but if Hawthorn didn't keep them in it - everyone would be calling for Terry Wallace's head again. He said his strategies worked well, but it was more a case of Hawthorn trying as hard as they could to lose the game.

Buddy only got one goal (about half a metre out), but still had 8 shots against two opponents, so at least he was still getting the ball even if he left his kicking boots at home. Roughead came to the rescure with 5 goals - steadying the ship as they say.

All In All:
It was a pretty average Anzac round, they didn't bother with the minutes silence or even the Australian anthem @ at the MCG Sunday, usually the Anzac round results in 8 battles of 16 teams of dedicated troops. But this round l;ooked more like the opening round of the NAB cup. I am looking forward to some blockbuster stuff next week, keep an eye out for the following:

Chris Judd to face his old team and old fans @ Subiaco with the Blues Friday Night.

Hawthorn in a thriller v Collingwood Saturday (come to the MCG even if you don't follow either club).

Melbourne to maybe notch thier first win against a Fremantle side which never plays well in Melbourne.

Round 6 - ANZAC Round

April 25th 2008 03:26
Its a big round of footy this week, all kicking off with Collingwood & Essendon at what is likely to be a packed MCG. Both clubs on a 2-3 record desperately need the win, and given the ANZAC matches over the past 10 years it is going to be a hard fought contest.

You would have to say there are higher expectations over the pies this than that of the bombers. Both teams capable of playing good footy, but with Collingwood within 5 points of a grand final last year, that seems fair

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April 25th 2008 02:52
Welcome to Thinking Footy. It is footy season and it has everyone from all walks of life thinking footy. As the season plays out we'll discuss every aspect of the game and anything to do with Australian Rules Fooball.

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